Adventure walks cost £12 per dog, per day and you need to sign up to 5 days of walks per week to secure a limited place in the group. Dogs will NOT be walked in groups larger than 4 to ensure full control of all dogs in the group is maintained at all times. We have two groups of 4 every day, so places are limited.

£12 includes:

- Transport to your home to collect your dog.

- Transport from your home to the adventure walk location.

- 1 full hour of adventure walks including fields, shallow streams, woodland, toys, retrieves, treat searches.

- Transport from the adventure walk location to your home.

- Towel drying your dog.

- Leaving your dog with a Kong or treat, their food, or in a certain place with a certain toy.

- One professional photograph of your dog every 30 days, for their ongoing adventure walks album.

- Daily updates and photographs.

Total time: 1hr 40 minutes.

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