Our adventure club walks are always in groups of 4, for one hour of unrestricted fun, so your dog needs to be social with other dogs and able to cope in a group setting. Due to the limited space on our adventure club walks, you need to be able to commit to your dogs joining the adventure club every day for one hour from Monday to Friday. Your dog will be collected from your home, transported safely in the Land Rover and taken to the adventure destination, where they will then have one full hour of exciting adventures. They will then be taken back to your home, towel dried and left in whichever way you decide best, this can be with a frozen Kong or treat, or just to go to sleep feeling fulfilled and happy.

Adventure walks cost £12 per dog, per day and you need to sign up to 5 days of walks per week to secure a place in the group, which is limited. Dogs will NOT be walked in groups larger than 4 to ensure full control of all dogs in the group is maintained at all times. We have groups of four dogs, and your dog will join the group nearest to your address:

Group 1 : Brown Edge/Endon/Norton Green Area

Group 2 : Leek/Cheddleton Area.

If you decide you would like your dog to join the Staffordshire Tails adventure club, Will will come out to meet you and your dog, and give you more information about the walks. This will be your opportunity to ask anything you would like to, and to get to know Will. We completely understand that your dog is your life, our dogs are too so we encourage you to do everything you can to feel comfortable. For the safety of the other dogs in our groups, we will need to monitor your dog's interactions with one of our own dogs and check that your dog will feel comfortable walking in a group.

Our goal is to give your dogs a fantastic daily adventure, so that they return to your home satisfied, tired and happy. We will cherish them and keep them safe at all times, and transport them safely to and from your home. At the end of every walk, we will send you a short update on the walk including who your dog played with, what they got up to and how they were on the walks. Dogs can take part in the adventure walks on the lead, or off the lead. We can even accommodate dogs who are off the lead but with a long line trailing - this is especially useful for dogs who's recall isn't perfect in certain situations.

Will, the owner of Staffordshire Tails is an award winning dog photographer (www.PHODOGRAPHYbyWill.co.uk) and as a special treat for our adventure club dogs, each dog will receive a professional photograph every 30 days for as long as they are part of the club. This will then be added to their special Adventure Album, which will record their adventures for years.

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